Buildings Blocks of life:

DNA...the basic building blocks of life. The one thing that is common to all of us. At Beekaylon, every strand we produce is interwoven with our DNA of values.

Beekaylon today

Evolution of our DNA

Hardcoded into our DNA is the belief that “Quality is not an act, but a habit”. Today at Silvassa, we have established our next generation manufacturing facilities - Modern Technology coupled with our innate belief in our value systems. This has continued a tradition of innovativeness and sophistication that has transformed the community that we are proud to be a part, as well as enriching the lives of our customers, clients and Partners all over the globe.

Beekaylon - interwoven with your life

Our yarns are soaked in our values, adding color and texture to your everyday life. This is why we do what we do...

Our Products, Our Future

Our products cover a wide range of applications from apparels to elastic tapes. From Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)\Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) to Draw Textured Yarn (DTY)\Air Texturised Yarn (ATY), we offer the full range of Speciality yarns for your every need. In addition, we have added a revolutionary new Product to the mix – BCF yarn - Bulk Continuous Filament - with a wide range of commercial applications - from wall to wall carpets for cinema halls, mats and rugs for residences, to furnishing for high end automobiles.


Our products always meet and exceed customer expectations in quality set by the Industry all across the world. We have achieved every quality standard there is for Textiles and will continue to meet new ones that come up in the market.