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Beekaylon’s state-of-the-art production facility at Silvassa has a significant advantage with the latest technologies in place.

We are equipped with Barmag & Beijing Chong Lee spinning lines to produce Dope Dyed POY, Cationic POY, Full-Dull (Cot-look) POY , Bright POY,Micro-filament POY and FDY with a capacity of upto 5000 tonnes per month. We also have industry tie-ups with Leading masterbatch suppliers to match the exact color chemistry and significantly reduce color and shade development time.

With the integration of vertical control of supply chain management, Beekaylon has a smooth functioning process flow and a top notch quality assurance system in place. Moreover for varied market applications for our various customers we have added value with Downstream Texturizing, Air Texturising, Packaged Dyeing, Heatsetting, Intermingling and Twisting plants in place.


In 2018, we introduce to market a new revolutionary product - BCF or Bulk Continous Filament.

Beekaylon has the world’s best technologies in operation to create BCF. We have the latest Neumag S+ machines to produce BCF yarns

A unique aspect of Beekaylon’s production process is that we are capable of producing tri-color BCF yarns. We also have the capacity to produce Polyester( PET) BCF, Nylon (PA 6) BCF as well as Polypropylene (PP) BCF yarns with total flexibility in Mono-Color.

*POY – Partially Oriented yarn
*DTY – Draw Texturized yarn

*ATY – Air Texturized yarn
*TFO – Two for one twister

Products Machine Brands
Poy Beijing Chonglee, Barmag
Dty Himson, Alidhra
Aty Alidhra, Aiki
Tfo Lohia, Alidhra,rathi
Bcf Mono & tricolor S+ Neumag
Cabling & Twisting Volksmann
Heatsetting Superba Tvp3
Tuft Machine Modra

Quality Assurance

In today’s global marketplace, quality assurance backed by industry recognised certifications is a must. This also ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality set by these globally recognized certifications. Our quality assurance team, following set procedures, makes sure that our yarn products meet the international quality norms.

We set our standards not just in the quality of the products but also in our professional ethics, customer relationships, teamwork and continuous improvement of our systems in place.

Our Reach

Beekaylon is a truly global company, with our products reaching all corners of the world. From North & South America in the west to The European Union, from Africa to the many countries in South-East Asia.

We have a wide reach covering all our products. Domestically, our major markets include Panipat, New Delhi, Bhilwara, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Bhiwandi, Ichalkaranji, Tirupur, Salem. With every passing year, we continue to add to the list of countries that our products are in play.

It is a great motivating factor for our continued success.